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Thursday, April 23, 2015

An Inspiring Story of Shambhunath’s Ex-Student Vaibhav Srivastava From Ashes to a 25 Million Dollars Man – A joke which changed his goal

It is correctly said that if you need to climb the Everest then you need not to be a big muscular man with a lot of power. What you need is the determination and will power to see yourself standing at the top of the snow-capped Everest. You must have the heart to face the toughest situations coming on the way and still look forward to proceed. Often you see a small stone on the way and you just push it from your foot thinking that it has no value but sometimes life brings you in a situation that you fall down after hitting the same small stone and then you think that this small stone also has power to make me fall down. The motive behind this example is to state that even the smallest things can change your view of thinking. Today we have a similar person who made his life big just because of a light joke made by a friend. Vaibhav Srivastava, a student of 2010 EC passout batch is an entrepreneur today and is at the rising milestone of his career and is still working hard to add a lot of other brightening stars to his shoulders but as its said that nothing comes without sacrifice, he has faced a lot of challenges too and have risen as a shining star. So let’s read this winner’s story of success in his own words:
It all started in 2006 when I was wondering to choose the best engineering college. One minute, it wasn’t the dream of best college in academics but in actual was best college in terms of Infrastructure, Ambiance and Class. After roaming around 112 engineering colleges in almost half of India, I unwillingly joined SIET after a lot of consultancy done by my parents. The only thing initially I liked was the roads from Vishnu Bhagwan Public School to SIET. The lush green sides of the road made me a little interested in the college as I am a deep lover of nature. 17th August 2006, Thursday was my first day in college where I was only searching for the number of beautiful girls in the college.
I was having a normal aim like anyone else in this country to finish engineering and join a software company and go ahead with the normal chores of life. Following this, I started concentrating on my job rather than academics because I knew that at the end of the day no one will ask you your percentage if you are talented and confident and to be honest I was never looking for a good marks but always kept an eye on a good talent and confidence. For me good talent was about standing different in crowd of people. Talent for me was that one different thing which will make me being considered ahead of all. Talent for me was also about facing all the challenge with a positive attitude.  Five semesters were gone happily enjoying the best period of college life doing all those notorious things like roaming with friends, sitting on restaurants and going for bike rides but now it was the time when I thought I required a little thinking about my career progress. 6th Semester started and I started bunking my classes. I used to sit in the computer lab sending my CV to companies across India and the world because I knew that companies start hiring from 3rd year. 8367 is the number of companies I posted CVs in and this is the number only in 6th semester. I didn’t get a single response and my classmates and parents used to tell me that I have gone mad. Their thought process said that Vaibhav doesn’t likes to study so finding job is an excuse for skipping studies. Over all of these one wise man came and demotivated me more by telling that after year 2008 companies have stopped hiring 3rd year students which was true. It was a real shock for me but the only thing which still kept me in the game was my confidence and positivity. I posted CVs in another 13407 companies across the world in final year and that’s why if you want to search me you can find me on any job portal of India, USA, UK, Dubai, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines. My father wanted me to do M. Tech and I was denying. He said atleast sit in GATE exams once and I was not at all interested. Finally after his over pressure I told him “Ok, If you have so much interest in spoiling 1300 rupees then bring the form” . He brought the form and as expected I scored “-7” marks. Yes, you read it correct it was Minus Seven. After all this drama, I was hired for HCL BPO on 5th May 2010 as a Technical Support Executive with a salary of Rupees 11537/- in Noida. I finished the last practical exam on 12th June and joined HCL on 14th June. Before joining I was assisted by my friends that I am an engineer and it’s a matter of pride so an engineer must not join the BPO industry. I was never confused about this so I told them that I am not joining to make my career in this but my aim is to reach Delhi to get more opportunities. This was the start of my career and it went very well for me. In 4 months I became the Star Performer of the month and got a chance to hire the people from my own college for HCL. After these 4 months I joined Accenture and then after another 3 months went to Vodafone as a Zonal Technical Manager for U.P East. 3 months passed by and I was setting up my goals for my career as I was finding Vodafone as the most suitable company to enhance my career. But as it is said, when you are busy in planning something then god has his own plans ready for you and likewise my life changed too.
I was talking to Himanshi over phone who was my closest friend and jokingly she said that “Vaibhav, if you cannot fulfill my dreams, I will leave you and will never be back”. I really took it very lightly but then I thought how people who are too rich live their life. I mean they do not have to think if they want to buy a house or a car or anything. It looks a small thing to think as most of us think about this but it unknowingly created an impact on me and made me think about how to be a big man. This joke of hers is responsible for me standing today and writing about my ownself. I started building links in the companies and collected all information regarding the operations of telecom industry. After 2 months of vigorous meetings with vendors, technical specialists and others after office hours I launched my first telecom company on 3rd August 2011 with two experienced partners. I was unaware about the upcoming challenges. Money, the major part for any business was Nil in my pockets and this was the toughest part of my life. 6 months of the business I lent lakhs of rupees from people and whatever money I got was made deposited into my field employee’s accounts. I stood on biscuits and water for these 6 months. Himanshi was the only person standing by my side giving me confidence and strength to move ahead. And, I have second thought before saying that whatever I am and wherever I stand today is because of her. It was the time when people used to stand on my gate for money and I used to stay away from my own house for a lot of days. I cried often after getting up in the morning thinking that why I got into this business and it was good that I was getting a fixed salary but Himanshi always told me that I have to do this and have to succeed and I did. After 6 months, I received 1st cheque from my client and it was well enough to get rid of all burdens of loans and move on with the business in an effective manner. After this I never turned back and in another year I launched my second telecom company. After few months of this new company I got another thought of entering into IT industry & for the same I joined an IT company together with my own company  and worked for 6 months and luckily I met a client from Singapore named Shamalah Subramanium who was into IT business. I offered a proposal for becoming an Investor and she agreed to it after few pages of questions and this is how I entered IT business.
Today I own 8 companies in partnership with Shamalah doing business in:
·       IT- Website Development/ SEO/ Mobile App Development/Software Development in Singapore and India
·       Engineering: Calibration, Pressure Gauge and Valve Service Providers in Singapore
·       Marine: Providing Nautical services to ships and cruises in Singapore
·       Construction: Building and Renting offices an Residences in Singapore/Malaysia/Cambodia
·       Oil & Gas: Providing services to Contractors and Sub Contractors in India, Dubai and Singapore
·       BPO: Inbound call center services to Giants in US, UK & Australia
·       Data Analysis – Singapore and India
·       Equipment Rentals – Providing calibration and engineering equipment to Singapore Industry

Apart from this, I have 2 telecom companies and one more IT company which I solely own.
From starting my career with 11537 rupees I have climbed to this height in last 5 years where I own a business of Rs.117,00,00,000/-  (117 Crores) and I believe that anybody reading this write up can achieve this easily if he/she aims for it positively and confidently. If you really can face the tough situations with positivity then you can be 100 times bigger man than Vaibhav as well.

All thanks to Himanshi who created this dream for me and who stood at that time to make me successful. I dedicate all my success and rise to her.

I am still a student and a kid for my employees and I really treat them the way I want them to treat my premium customers.

You can connect me anytime at +91-8527577373 (Call)/ +91-9560588257 (Watsapp)/ +65-66526059 (My Singapore Number)


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Anant Anveshi


  1. Amazing. Inspires a lot to us. Definitely gives a key to suceed.

  2. Aimbasis / smart hardworker = vaibhav mukesh srivastava

  3. Determination, hard work and sincerity are the key inputs for achieving success.
    It is said slow and steady wins the race.
    I congratulate Vaibhav and Himanshi and wish them success in their endeavors.
    SIET, Allahabad

  4. really this is very encouraging story . vaibhav is a example to all the students that they are ready to take right steps at right time .I congratulate Vaibhav and wish them success in their bright future . we all are proud of you.

    SIET, Allahabad

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    1. Mujhe bhi lagta hai,all companies are totally different ,how is it possible ?

    2. Bada chor hai ye abhi bhi billion thoughts ke naam pe paisa keechraha hai hum ccs police ko already complaint diye hai aur case bu file kiye hai sab proofs hai hamare pass

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